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Lauren Kerbel

about me

I'm a multi-talented content creator based in Toronto. I'm a writer, editor, front-end web developer, and I occasionally dabble in graphic design.

september 2012 — master of publishing

After a year of hard work and a kickass dissertation, I received my Masters in Publishing from the University of the Arts London (UK).

october 2012 — online beauty startup

Hired right out of grad school, I joined a small team to build an online beauty magazine and e-store.

september 2013 — baby's first internship

Back in Canada, I started a three month editorial internship with Cosmetics magazine at Rogers Media. I ended up staying for six months.

february 2014 — stint in PR

ROI Relations hired me to write corporate media coverage reports, digital marketing materials and social media content for their beauty clients.

september 2015 — baby becomes assistant editor

When Cosmetics found themselves whittled down to a team of one (soon to be none), they brought me in to hold down the fort.

june 2015 — freelance life

Since going freelance I've written stories for Cosmetics magazine, The Kit and Best Health Magazine.

august 2015 — HackerYou

Officially fed up with needing a developer to build and fix websites for me, I started HackerYou's part-time web development course.


Who knows? I'm interested in freelance projects, part time and full time roles. Want to hire me? I'd love to hear from you.